Thought Leaders

Simon Sinek – Ted Talk, Start With Why & Leaders Eat Last

Seth Godin – Blog, Ted Talk, This May Work, Tribes, Linchpin, The Dip, Purple Cow

Chris Guillebeau -Blog, The Happiness of Pursuit & The $100 Start-up

Brene Brown – Ted Talk, Daring Greatly

Joseph Cambell – The Hero’s Journey

Daniel PinkDrive & To Sell is Human

Chip & Dan HeathDecisive, Switch, Made to Stick

Jia Jiang – 100 Days of Rejection

Tony Robbins– Six Human Needs

Sonya terBorg – Educational Maverick

Vu Le – Weak Ties



World Domination Summit – Chris Guillebeau conference for those living an unconventional life

Pioneer Nation – For those seeking start-up and entrepreneurial leaders

BoardSource Leadership Forum – Leading social sector governance conference

South by Southwest Interactive – Technology, innovation, ideas, and Austin, TX



The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution – Self-guided strategic planning workbook from LaPiana Consulting

The Present Clock

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