Your Recommendation

Would you recommend the organization you are most engaged with to a friend or family member?

The question at hand is not if you are satisfied with the cause.  The questions is not concerned with the ranking you would provide using a scale of smiley faces to frowning clowns.  You are not being asked to match the adjective that most describes the service you received to the quality of the program you attended.  This is not about your impression of the organization.  This is not about getting your wheels rotated and the fluids changed in your car.
The question is quite simply, would you risk your reputation to recommend a specific enterprise to a close friend or family member?  I would argue that if you answer yes and do so with conviction then you are a fan.  You are not a customer or interested in a transaction.  You have a relationship with the cause.  No satisfaction survey needed.  No 1 to 10 ranking.  You are willing to direct another person towards an experience and interaction that you believe will be compelling.   You have confidence in the organization.
How quick are you to make a recommendation?  Posting on a travel website under the username ‘Luke Warm’ is not a high risk situation.  To put your name on the line and respond to another person’s query is a hire wire act.  Do you add conditions to your recommendations?  Do you suggest your experience was exceptional partially because you know the CEO and you have been a donor for years?  How many organizations can you give two thumbs-up without hesitation?
We have just started using the R Factor assessment instrument to quantify this very metric in the social sector.  If you wish to know more I would be happy to recommend it.

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