Climbing Wall

My two kids scampered up an 18 foot tall climbing boulder in Telluride, Colorado the other day.  There was no ladder or easy way down.  They had to down climb the same way they had ascended.  I stood below and tried to help coach them suggesting where their next foot or handhold could be found.  It was a bit nervous from my perspective as they were high enough that I was uncertain if I could cushion there fall if they were unable to stay attached to the rock.  It was a moment of parental trust and a bit of faith that the kids were having an experiential moment.  I took solace that there was a bit of cushion to the landing surface.  In my mind I figured it was better for the kids to have a trial and error moment on the climbing wall than some rocky boulder field.

It made me consider where we go to learn and practice.  If true mastery takes numerous hours of focused training, where does a social sector board member, professional staff, or volunteer find their climbing wall?  What success have you discovered?


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