A fascinating trend is taking place.  One that has been used by some segments of the social sector for years.  Independent Schools, for example are asking parents to host coffees with prospective parents who are in their same social circle.  The intent of these small group gatherings are to allow the host to advocate for the organization.  Schools no longer rely on just the Admission’s Office to be spreading the good word.  They see measurable results in having a person close to the enterprise speak directly with a potential parent.  The connection is authentic, personal, trustworthy, and direct.  It speaks to the value of a customized recommendation.  Fundraising consultants have been using this technique for years.  They send out two key individuals from the organization to connect directly with prospective donors.  Not just any two individuals but those who map directly to the donor.

Who are you asking to represent your cause?  Do they have an existing relationship with the person they are meeting?  Would you interrupt your dinner to take a cold call from a salesperson?  Would you interrupt a meal if a friend was ringing the doorbell?  We all make these choice everyday, why not tap into the power of the network?

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