Sleeping Bag

Watching my kids pack-up their sleeping bags this morning I was reminded of the importance of the first move.  They both gentle filled their respective stuff sacks with a small portion of their sleeping bags.  Each kid then proceeded to put more effort into getting the remainder of the sleeping bags into the stuff sack as they ran out of room.  The end result was a partially stuffed sleeping bag.  Had their first move been an energetic thrust of sleeping bag into the bottom of the stuff sack then they would have had a chance to succeed.  They could not overcome a poor start, no matter how much effort they put into the last portion.

What first moves does your organization do exceedingly well?  Do you recruit and orient new board members better than anyone else?  Do you thank first-time donors with more passion?  Do you celebrate your volunteers’ talents more personally than peer causes?  Do you welcome new staff members in a memorable manner?

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