Bringing the Screen Back

It has been my pleasure to attend a couple of performances by the Sun Valley Summer Symphony over the past week.  The symphony added a large LCD screen outside the tented pavilion so the audience sitting on the grass could see video images of the concert taking place inside the seasonal structure.  The addition of a visual element transformed the experience for the three thousand people on the lawn and suddenly connected them to the experience by adding a new dimension.  Originally, the screen was scheduled to be on location for the opening weekend.  When it was taken away, the audience missed it and demands were loud for its return.  It is back and everyone is happy- so thrilled in fact that this evening the audience sat in the rain and a little hail, watching the concert from under their umbrellas, jackets and picnic blankets.  Without the screen I believe there would have been a mass exitous but instead the concert goers were more connected with the Broadway songs being sung inside the pavilion.  The symphony’s season was forever altered by the appearance of the ‘temporary’ LCD screen.

What changes have you made that have been met with unexpected acclaim?  What changes could you make that might forever alter the way you present your services?  Are you prepared for the unexpected?

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