Best Intentions

I just returned a $9 check to United Airlines.  They had graciously offered me the tidy sum as reimbursement for misplacing my bag for four days in the Rome airport.  After days of promising me that my bag was in luggage delivery van on the way to our hotel I finally embraced the fact that somebody was not telling the truth.  I returned to the airport at my own expense and found the bag in the luggage storage area.

The bag was found sitting on a shelf where it had vacationed for three days.  United’s actions did not match their intention.  I hope my investment makes a difference in fixing their broken system.

We have all had a similar experience.  It can be memorable for the wrong reasons when you are left to your own resources and savvy to solve a problem that was created by a lack of completion.

It is a good reminder to deliver what we promise.  I often receive mail stating that I should expect a follow-up telephone call to discuss a potential donation.  The majority of the time I do not receive the call and can only assume that the organization found other funders to invest in the cause.  The intention may have been honorable by the execution was lacking.

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