Who can you call when you need a lifeline?  Who do you connect with to share ideas and discuss opportunities?  Who has a network that offers relevant resources and ideas for your area of focus?  

I had the chance to met with a good friend and fellow consultant yesterday and it was great reminder of the importance of having a confederacy of professionals.  A brain trust or personal board of directors to help expand your thinking.  As a consultant in the occasionally remote-feeling state of Idaho the ability to network is sometimes less likely than my colleagues in New York or San Francisco.  That said, building a collaborative brain-trust is essential. Who can a CEO turn to when considering how to channel the enthusaism of an Board Chair?  And likewise, where can a Board Chair turn to strategize about keeping trustees focused and practicing great governance?  As a consultant, where can I share innovative strategies and learn from the experiences of the few who are engaged in fulfilling a similar purpose?

What keeps you awake at night and who do you call?


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