I have yet to successfully navigate the Express Self-Checkout line at an Albertsons store.  Each time I place more than one of my own bags into the bagging area, the screen locks-up and I need a supervisor to clear the warning.  So today I asked about the problem and I was told it is easier if I use one of the store’s plastic bags.  This policy does not seem very environmentally friendly to those of us trying to be sustainable. Albertsons even sell reusable bags to encourage a more sustainable approach, which seems like a mixed message after today’s conversation.

I also noticed that my Preferred Card fuel credit expires after 30 days if it has not been used.  So if you happen to drive a fuel efficient car, walk, bike, or use public transportation on a frequent basis your discount is deleted.  The current program rewards drivers of vehicles that gets fewer miles per gallon than those who use less, regardless of how much business you do with Albertsons.

The sustainability message and actual practices are not compatible.  The walk has to meet the talk and with a few adjustments a broken system could be one that is consistent with the message.  The good news is just a small amount of effort would deliver a greater sense of trust and authenticity, two things that cannot be faked or delivered in a marketing message.

Does your enterprise’s systems meet your sustainability values?

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