Headlines from BoardSource Leadership Forum

I arrived home from the BoardSource Leadership Forum last night, by the far the best nonprofit conference I attend each year.  Many new ideas, trends and conversations which I will share in the coming weeks.  Beth Kanter, the social media guru shared a great presentation that reminded all of us that a social media policy is now a leading practice.  Maya Enista from Mobilize.org was a compelling spokesperson for the Millennials.  She reminded us to give full status to our younger board members, “I would not want to be somebody’s boyfriend a quarter of the time so why would I want to serve as a junior board member with limited rights?”  R Todd Johnson from Jones Day is on the leading edge of the movement which is designing new entities.  L3C Corporations, B Corps, Benefit Corporations and a Flexible Benefit Corporation model being implemented in California are all beginning to take form in the space between the social and corporate sectors.  Lastly, BoardSource just released its Governance Index. Highlights of the index show that the average size of a board is 16, 70% of the organization’s surveyed have term limits, and the average tenure of a board member is 7.2 years.  Of course, BoardSource would immediately say, “if you have seen one board, you have seen one board.”

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