What qualifies a champion as deserving?  When a sports team or individual competitor wins a game or tournament there is often an quick assessment about the quality of the victory.  Frequent descriptions include: unexpected, deserving, stolen, etc.  I often wonder what a deserving victor looks like?  Did the winner travel the appropriate path?  Did they win with style?  Does the team’s values match that of their fans?  Is it an assessment of ethics?

The social sector equivalent comes when a cause attempts to manifest its vision.  The community judge the worthiness of an enterprise’s strategic initiative.  Is the proposed action deserving of the stakeholders’ support?  Does it warrant financial support?  Are individuals willing to recommend it to colleagues and friends?  

Sometimes very needed and appropriate opportunities are not advanced because the community deems them to be undeserving or a lesser priority.  Other scenarios involve what appears to be a frivolous opportunity being advanced because a few people of influence can assemble sufficient resources to move forward without needing a large group of supporters.  

How do you prepare your community to brand your enterprise’s project as deserving?  What steps do you need to do in advance?  Is it contingent on the relationships you maintain?  What is the tipping point?

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