I have come to appreciate the importance of including a foreground in order to put the main subject into perspective.  What may appear to be a small and easily climbable mountain summit becomes awe-inspiring when you take into the plains and the foothills that serve as the platform upon which a high Himalayian peak stands.  The Teton range from the vantage point of an airplane’s window does not strike one as completely awesome.  Standing across the valley near Kelly, Wyoming and taking in the vista provides an entirely new perspective.

Sometimes we are so close to the very peak we are trying to ascend that we can only speak from our perspective of being somewhere on the mountain’s face.  When we communicate only from where we reside at the moment we miss the opportunity to set the scene for those who wish to join us.  Sharing your organization’s history, successes and challenges, growth and mergers paints a picture of what you have achieved to arrive at your current location.  It provides a foreground and ultimately a context for your work.

Happy climbing today! 

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