How many of our key organizational activities resemble the game Mastermind?  We are constantly striving to find the right sequence of actions and feedback to solve the puzzle.

  • Foundations: identify, letter of inquiry, personal connections, grant request, expense grant, report back, reapply
  • Board Members: identify prospects, cultivate, elect, orient, engage, evaluate, train, celebrate
  • Donors: identify, cultivate, ask advice, engage, ask, celebrate
  • Programs:propose, budget, fund, execute, evaluate

We are constantly seeking feedback on our progress. We put forward our best guess and hope it matches the sequence of our funders, community, and customers.  It is easy to get so focused on the next step that we forget the outcome.  Simon Sinek offered the following thought:

“Focus on where you’re going and you’ll know what steps to take. Focus on the steps you’re taking and you won’t know where you’re going.”

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