“There is no public park in the land with a statue erected to a committee”

Some of the greatest accomplishments have come from a committee.  A well organized group containing a clear purpose can reach great heights.  Strategic plans are developed, new Executive Directors are selected, financial sustainability is mapped out, fundraising galas are run, transformational capital campaigns are executed by committees.  Committees can also be some of the least recognized and appreciated work centers for an organization.  The chair of the committee may receive the appropriate commendation for guiding the committee to a well received result.  But rarely is each member of the committee honored for their contribution.  Appreciation for a high level of performance builds organizational momentum and inspires others to extend themselves.
A couple recent examples of recognition:
  • A mention of the committee members by name on the enterprise’s website, newsletter, social media
  • Host a lunch where the committee members can gather in social setting to share their accomplishment
  • Provided members with a small pin- a Boy/Girl Scout type of approach to recognizing service
  •  Providing a complimentary ticket to the event the committee members organized so they might invite a guest to enjoy the festivities
  • A thank you note from a Board Chair
  • Simple personalized gift such as a sleeve of golf balls with the organizational logo

There are many opportunities to serve on a committee but often the enthusiasm to join is colored by the experience of the last committee. 

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