May We Borrow Your Name?

I served an organization that printed a customized letterhead listing by name all the board and advisory council members once a year as part of the annual appeal.  As board members we were asked to put a personal note on the letters addressed to friends or acquaintances.  When a contribution were received, we were asked to follow-up with a written thank you note.

What is the impact of seeing individual names on letterhead?  Does it change your giving patterns?  When we see a celebrity that one identifies with is involved in a cause, does that inspire?  Lance Armstrong’s work with the LIVESTRONG Foundation generates national media attention that might otherwise be challenging for the foundation to create on its own merit.  Does your participation on a board provide certainty to your friends and colleagues that effective work is being performed?  Donor recognition walls are a vehicle to publicly recognize the names that make-up our community of supporters.  They celebrate and memorialize the commitments to a campaign and serve as a lasting endorsement of the cause.

Political campaigns are very effective at collecting the names of those who are willing to endorse a candidate.  Having guidance and recommendations makes the process of voting less complicated.  

Where have you seem the names of those who serve used effectively?  When is putting the names of those closest to the organization a powerful motivator.  When do you want your name used to influence the actions of others?

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