Great Question

I had the pleasure of facilitating an advisory session for a growing company that provides essential back office services for social sector organizations.  One of the session attendees asked a compelling question of the leadership team, ‘if you could work for another company, who would it be and why?’  His query sent me on a mental job hunt.  Who would I want to work for?  What do I perceive to be valuable in another enterprise?  Is what that organization posses tangible or intangible?  If it is concrete then it is probably easy to import to my company.  Better base salary, more generous vacation package, dynamic social media presence, more donors.   Where it gets tricky is when the thing you value is abstract.  Another cause’s sense of purpose, organizational culture, collegiality of the team, sense of significance, identity.  It is often these intangible pieces that serves as the gatekeeper between good and remarkable.

Which organization/cause would you want to work for and why?

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