Surging Ahead of Just Keeping Up?

Attending a board meeting for an independent school today, I was struck by the realization that we had not only accomplished some of our strategic initiatives but had surged off the scale.  Incredible momentum.  How had we done this?  The Head of School has been telling the school’s story for years and expressing a vision that far exceeded the scope of the plan.  He was dreaming big but not focusing on the details.  He could tell his audience why the project was important.  At the right moment a confluence of circumstances such as budgeting (a reduction in building costs), momentum  (very motivated donors), and talent (board members with immense experience as project managers) produced an oppening to realize an even greater dream.  Equally important was the attribute of trust.  The Board and Head of School trusted that the vision was revolutionary and essential.

The Head of School has been telling the school’s story, creating a following of those who were ready to invest in taking the dream across the matrix and into reality.

How big is your enterprise’s dream and who is sharing the vision?

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