Not A Moment of Thought

This morning, I have been watching two Mallard drakes chase each other around the wetland area near our house.  One duck is clearly obsesed with chasing another one from the pond, forcing his nemesis into the deep reeds.  All the while, the two hens are being courted by a third duck that just arrived.  Had the dominate drake payed attention to the hens he had claimed then perhaps he may have not been usurped by a stealthy opportunist.

Typically, as a company grows larger it spends more money on market research and analysis of its competitors.  Numbers are sliced every conceivable way.  The more effort that is put into market research, the less innovation takes place and suddenly everyone is at a square dance responding to the same caller.  The real trick is to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and chemistry.  If you dedicate yourself and your cause to fixing the problem that ultimately energized you to launch your enterprise, you are on track.

Are you giving your competitors a moment of thought and chasing them around the pond?  Are you staying focused on your purpose or distracted by those in your peripheral vision? 

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