Behavior by Price

Ever pour out a $250 bottle of wine because you cannot finish it?  How about a $8 bottle?  We might find a way to preserve the expensive wine and yet the less expensive vintage we are willing to give a sip to the flowers as we clean-up a picnic.  

I was just in a Primark Store on Oxford Street in London last night and there were clothes and hangers strewn all over the place.  Every rack and display screamed discount pricing.  It looked like a gang of young boys had been asked to do the clean-up before being allowed to play video games.  Employees using large dust brooms collected all the hangers on the floor and piled them in the middle of the floor.  People would pull items off the rack and if it did not fit they made a limited attempt to put it back or just dropped it.  Lines were everywhere.  Next door was a high-end boutique that was the model of organization and the prices reflected the order. 

The prices and values you attach to our services and programs often determine the way they are valued by our customers.


  1. Interesting! I actually know the store, having been in it once for about six minutes. It looked exactly the same as you described and despite many London friends telling me about their Primark bargains, I left without even a full circuit of the store due the mess/disorder/chaos that just did my head in! Regardless of the potential benefits of staying and despite positive feedback from friends, I couldn't see past the jumble for the jewels. I guess this also goes to show that despite all/any hype that is generated, first impressions really do matter.

  2. You captured my reaction far better than I described. Even V was overwhelmed by the experience and did not ask for a single purchase, despite the apparent endless number of bargains. I have yet to find a similar shopping experience in the states.


  3. I have not had a similar experience elsewhere either – nor do I wish to really! Give V a hug from me! Hope she is having a great time and enjoying her break – I am!

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