Would you rather start a round of golf with four birdies and finish with a triple bogey on the final hole, or bogey on each of the first three holes and then finish with four birdies?  Both rounds of golf net a -1 total score so to the casual observer of a leaderboard there is no difference between the rounds.  Some argue that they would prefer to start with the set-backs early and finish strong since it leads to momentum the next round.  Others suggest that the fast start demonstrates mastery and there was simply a lack of execution on a single hole.

Have you started an initiative with lots of momentum only to struggle to reach ?  Or, have you been set numerous early set-backs only to overcome and achieve your goal.  Many capital campaigns do not announce their goal publicly until they have sufficient commitments from insiders- going for the early momentum approach.  Other organizations make public appeals when they have exhausted all other options, calling on their fans to help them overcome a slow start and avoid impending failure.

Can you shape momentum?  Are you an architect of choice?

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