Champion or Finisher?

“If we were good at everything, we have not need for each other” Simon Sinek

Your cause plays an essential role in your community.  The more you excel within your specialty, the greater the partnership opportunities with other specialist.  Often enterprises that attempt to generalize find that they have a harder time partnering since they see overlaps everywhere. Without clarity about your unique purpose it is easy to be a member of the pack instead of a gold medalist.
Some of the most successful educators in the classroom are not the ones who try to do it all but rather those who collaborate.  They bring their expertise and then turn to others to get new and innovative ideas.  Teachers can be an incredible sharing and supportive community.  They bring their talents and must prove themselves everyday.  Have you ever lost the attention of group of third graders?  They can find other ways to entertain themselves quickly if you do not perform.  Best to succeed using your strengths than find yourself over matched in a game you are not equipped to compete.

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