Who You Need

You need the people who believe what you believe.  The ones who have signed-up for the journey.  If you post an authentic help wanted sign you will attract the those that are committed come rain, sleet, snow, or fire.  You do not need everyone.  Be very selective.

When I was a volunteer firefighter it was clear to me who I wanted to be with when my team was assigned to go inside a burning building.  I wanted those who made all the drills, the ones who were sensible among many distractions, individuals who brought their best and were not going to wander off in search of a higher profile assignments.  There were those who were notorious for freelancing and these were the individuals who did not believe what I believed.

When you go on a quest to fulfill your mission, who do you want on your team?  Have you written the right help wanted sign?  Are they ready to go?  

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