What makes you feel most appreciated?  Does a personal call rate higher than an email?  Will a personalized note at the bottom of a letter rank higher than a piece addressed to ‘friend’?  Are you more touched by a thank you call from a board member than a tax receipt acknowledgement? 

What if you take it to the next level?  Why not think like a concierge?  How can you create an experience that is remarkable?  Are you able to connect two people who share the same purpose?  Can you include one of your fans in a behind-the-scenes event?  Are you able to recognize an individual during a presentation among their peers?  Can you craft a simple memento that sits discretely for the supporter who wishes to remain anonymous but desire something they can gravitate towards?  I once saw a small picture frame with a quote hanging on the backside of a door.  The quote was from the causes most dedicated volunteer and its presence in a non public location was the perfect balance of recognition from those inside the cause without using a spotlight.

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