$1 Coupon

 My father-in-law will not shop at a local market because they would not honor a coupon that he brought in a couple years ago.  He tells everyone about his experience and recommends they shop elsewhere.  I am certain the market has not idea of my father-in-law’s name and has experienced no real discernible loss of revenue but how much marketing must the market create to overcome one former customer who had a bad experience?  If you shop online and read customer reviews, how many low scores do you need to see before you move on to another product or website?  I find that it is the really dissatified customer reviews that I read to see if it the problem is the product or the experience.

How do you handle those who will not recommend your cause?  Do you know their names?  Have you ever called them up and asked them to tell their stories?  What do you have to lose if you invest some time in people who were once fans?

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