Your In or Your Out

Trip to Disney World or Disneyland- are you in or out?  Most people can make that decision in a second.  Why?  Because Disney has defined what they stand for better than most organizations.  There are those who have their mouse ears on and already update their Google+ status.  Others would be halfway into their, ‘you would not catch me in a Disney park if I was dead’ speech.  No judgement on your reaction but this is a perfect example of an enterprise that has defined its purpose.  Most people know what they think already.  Does your community react the same way to your cause?  Do you know who is in or out?

For those who are undecided, here is a link to three behind the scenes tours that Guy Kawasaki took recently: Disneyland Dream Suite, Club 33, and Walt Disney’s Apartment.  If you are clicking the links you are probably in.

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