Guy Kawasaki got a behind the scenes tour of Disneyland.  He relayed some remarkable facts.  For example, how many people are pushing brooms at anytime around the park?  You know the park that never has visible litter and is known for is cleanliness.  Take a guess?  Most likely you need to divide your estimate by 10 to get to the number 8.  How is that possible?  If every cast member is responsible for maintaining a clean park then you only need a few janitors to sweep and pick-up trash.  Here are a few fun facts:

  • 6-8 weeks to train and orient janitors and parking attendants because they need to know the answer to just about every question.
  • Main Street is built on a 5/8th scale so the guests feel more important.  How many corporate headquarters downsized to impress their customers?
  • For every child entering the park there are four adults.  You cannot build a park that is only for youth when they represent the minority.  It is also a beautiful business model since the adults pay a higher entrance fee.
  • Being green means being committed.  Air compressed firework launchers and battery charged floats to name a few.
  • Rides being programmed with multiple scenarios encourage riders to return.

Disney is committed to cleanliness, friendliness, and safety.  What is your cause known for?

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