If you follow NCAA football you are aware there are a few scandals taking place right now.  It is alleged that boosters have paid for numerous athletes  to receive goods and services deemed illegal by the NCAA.  One sports commentator puts the blame right back on the coaches.  He claims that if you just recruit the best athletes you are risking athletic performance at the sake of other qualities that may be important in an academic setting.  If you recruit the best individuals who will make a difference in their respective communities then the scholarship is more than just a trade of athletic talents for education.

How many causes have you seen who recruited the most visible member of the community but suffered due to the individual’s expectation that their name was sufficient service to the organization?  Others recruit the best decision-makers who are committed to serving the enterprise.  They may happen to be philanthropically minded, networkers, or even well-known but the cause loves their board members for their core talent first.  

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