More of Less

Residing in a rental apartment it is evident that the unit was equipped for four people (with the possibility to expand to six if one uses the sleeper sofa).  There are six sets of bowls, glasses, and plates.  Cooking utensils are sufficient but only one of each sits aligned in the drawer.  Cookware offers the basics but there is no duplication.  Our initial reaction was this would not work for more than a couple days. We arrived from our own residence where there is a shelf of glasses that never gets touched unless there is at least twelve people in the house.  We can fill the dishwasher with bowls and plates and still serve another meal without worry.  

Both situations work.  The less is more approach requires more constant attention to what one has used and if it needs to be cleaned.  On the other hand each item has specific location where it resides.  There is no throwing a serving spoon into a drawer which is full of other serving spoons.  You have one utensil and you keep track of it.  It reminds me of backpacking where everything on your equipment list must fit in the backpack and think carefully before adding another item.

I am beginning to see the value of the philosophy of more of less.  I am more intentional with items.  I know there is not immediate duplicate sitting in the overflow area.  It makes me wonder if our enterprises often collect programs, services, customers that are really excess.  We have an exceptional purpose but then start adding the easy to grab items.  Suddenly we find our capacity is full and we cannot remember why we added all the features and benefits we promised.  What if we did more of less?  Would it allow us to be more intentional everyday? 

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