The Bicing rental bike program is a creative transportation resource for residents of Barcelona, Spain.  If you are a resident and pay an annual fee, you can pick-up one of the rental bikes for a half-hour without charge or if you wish to keep it longer you incur a modest surcharge.  One of the issues for the program is that the bikes are heavily used in the morning when residents ride from the upper part of the city down towards the city center or beach.  It is easy riding and the temperature is a bit cooler.  As the day progresses the bike racks near the business district and ocean fill-up.  In the evening, vans with trailers pick-up the bikes from the full and reposition them at the stations higher-up in the residential neighborhoods.  

This trend offers and interesting challenge.  How do you create incentives that encourages residents to ride the bikes back uphill to the residential stations?  Their is clearly a culture that supports the program but the pattern is not one that sustains itself.  What elements from gaming or credits could one develop to empower those who start doing the work that is essential for the program to be a complete?

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