One Thing

Barcelona Street Art

Ever been lost while driving?  Many of us share the same tendencies.  Slow down, sit up a little straighter, turn down the radio, and even hang-up on the person giving us directions (‘I will call you back’).  A friend’s Facebook post mentioned these attributes about her husband, the same ones I exhibit.  But the reality is that it highlights the way we are wired as humans.  We are capable of greatness when we focus on one thing.  Most of us do not want our surgeon watching television while performing a procedure, or a pilot filing their taxes when landing our plane.  We tend to miss a lot of critical steps when we try to cover multiple tasks.  Have you walked into the kitchen and stood dumbfounded by what brought you there only to recall the task ten minutes later?

When execution is essential, it is best to reduce the peripheral distractions and make sure you are navigating correctly.

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