Swarm & Blast

One of the gifts of watching FC Barcelona play was the patience they showed.  Often the player who made an unselfish pass early the sequence would be rewarded with a scoring opportunity from just a few meters from the goal.  This contrasts with the soccer I played in the states.  There was a propensity for all the players to gather around the ball as if they were a swarm of bees.  Inevitably somebody would take a shot on goal from just inside the penalty area.  The chance of success where marginal and the results were often discouraging.  This contrasts to the ball-control and certainty about ones role exhibited by a professional futbol team.  Just when you thought a player must shoot, he was able to manufacture a pass that lead to a high percentage scoring chance.  The ability to honor the duties that came with playing a specific postion kept the team spread out across the offensive side of the pitch and made them so hard to defend.

I believe the same is true for all of us.  When we swarm and blast we are desperate.  However, if we stay true to our purpose the results can be electric.

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