Your best trip?  Favorite gift?  Best restaurant?  Favorite book of all time?  Each of these represent a powerful memory.  I want to hear about them, I really do.  BUT, if all you do is tell me about where you have been I am just a passenger on the story train.  HOWEVER, if you tell me where you are about to go I can be an active participant.  I be part of the experience.  It is remarkable that you climbed the Matterhorn but now that you are planning a trip to Mount Blanc you have inspired me to take action.  Fabulous that you had a tour of the extraordinary bar and wine cellar at 21 in New York City and now you are taking wine tasting classes.  I can join that effort.  You read Malcome Gladwell’s, Outliers and it changed your approach to work, great!  Now you are loaning me your copy, we about to have a shared experience.

What if you spent 20% of our time talking about where you have been and the other 80% sharing a vision for where you are headed.  Nobody gets on a train that has reached its final destination.  We embark because the itinerary is compelling, the journey lays ahead.  Even if we do not get on at the starting point there are still many miles to go.  Play train conductor and announce the upcoming stops.  Inspire your fans with stories of where you are headed.  My bags are packed, where are we going?


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