Have you ever had the fortune of being provided the perfect experience?  An instant memory?  A moment that just clicked because it had all the elements that you deem as important?  I encourage organizations and individuals to articulate what they believe and then find the confluence between their cause’s belief and those of their most passionate supporters.  When one can map this intersection there is a tremendous platform from which to deepen a relationship.  One model to assume is that of a concierge.  A very talented individual in this profession will spend a few moments assessing what is important and then create the best possible experience.  If your causes is an outdoor education program this may be an opportunity to take key supporters on an overnight trip.  A boarding school might provide graduates with a sleep-over night to open a new dorm before the students arrive.  A letter from a program participant who hails from the same hometown as a donor who supports financial aid might be the most personal experience.  The possibilities are limitless but the critical component is a personalized touch.  If one truly grasp what each member of the tribe believes and it can be traced to your enterprise’s purpose, you have the most magnificent start towards success.

My sister recommended the book Concierge Confidential and I look forward to picking-up a few more tips in the coming days.

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