Clarity About Purpose


Sometimes you will make a decision that angers a lot of people.  You will not satisfy the majority.  However, if you articulate what you believe and why you believe it you build a foundation of authenticity and trustworthiness, two characteristics that cannot be easily faked.

As an example, Joan Anzelmo who served as Superintendent of the Colorado National Monument turned down a request to hold a 2007 stage of the then named Quizno’s Pro Cycling Challenge.  Numerous politicians in Colorado made appeals to the Secretary of Interior to over-rule her but her decision was upheld.  The promoters and cycling community were shocked but her rationale is compelling and her blief certain.  She believed that, “A mega sporting event is not just compatible with running a national park.”  Agree or not, she was upholding her purpose as a Superintendent, even though she was cycling enthusiasts on the side.

How have your beliefs guided your decisions, even when they are not popular?

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