Anyone who competes as an athlete or a participates as a fan knows the power of a surge.  An individual or team increases the pace sufficiently enough to put competitors under pressure or create space.  What is remarkable is watching those who are able to contain the surge and match it with their own.  These athletes and teams have clarity about their abilities and remain within themselves.  Those who reach their limit may begin to imitate the form of the leader in a desperate attempt to stay in contact.  Often they abandon the technique that they have mastered and lean on that which is being modeled in real-time.

Does your enterprise practice changing its pace?  Do you consider trial efforts on the side where you can practice moving faster or slower?  How do you intend to react if the social sector in your community suddenly increases its pace?  What if a similar cause doubles its program, triples the individuals served, or runs a wildly successful capital campaign securing funds far beyond conventional wisdom?  Will you imitate what has worked for the leading enterprise or do you have confidence in the team you have in place to surge?

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