Being Dropped

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I am confused by the recent uproar over Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to discontinue funding to Planned Parenthood who in turn provided cancer screen services.  What appeared to be a fabulous partnership seems to have unfolded in unlikely circumstances.  There may be very good reasons for this parting-of-the-ways but the message had been poorly articulated.  If the decision was politically motivated as has been suggest by some reports the execution has been handled to create division.  The Susan G. Komen Foundation has seemingly tossed aside a long-time partner with little appreciation and respect which is now causing serious ramifications to its reputation and distracting the foundation from its core purpose.

Update: The Susan G. Komen Foundation has reversed it decision today after initially defending its policy of not funding organization that were under investigation.  The ramifications of this episode will be interesting to monitor.  Short-term hiccup or long-term impact?

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