Super Power

What is your super power?

One of the ideas that resonated with me during Seth Godin’s “Pick Yourself” event in New York City this past week was the notion that each of us has a super power.  We tend to hide them behind our mission statements or provide evasive answers about our talents.  However, when we feel comfortable wearing our cape representative of our super powers it is transformative.  A super power is not about feats of strength or Klout scores.  It is an attribute that envelopes you.  The activity that slows time to a frame by frame presence worthy of the Matrix.  We find comfort in hiding our capes or send them to the emotional dry cleaners, feeling unworthy to tie them on in daily life but that is just what the world needs.  It is what your community and tribe seeks.  When I meet an individual with a super power, it alters the environment, my senses begin to ping as if expecting a lightning strike.

Where is your cape?  When are you going to put it on?

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