Your in Charge

Good times

Assign tasks and people will work for you. Assign responsibility and people will work for themselves.                                                                                       Simon Sinek

Every great experience develops as such because of a granting of responsibility.  As a camper on a backpack trip in my teens my group was given the responsibility of selecting the campsite and deciding layout of our tents, outdoor cooking area, campfire, and selecting a tree from which to hang our food to avoid the curiosity of bears.  Decisions made by our trip leaders on previous nights were suddenly our decisions.  The consequences of choosing poorly were quickly evident when an overnight thunderstorm left some of the tents exposed to water collecting in a low lying area and our campfire billowed smoke into the group because we had not considered the canopy of evergreens above.  As campers we gained wisdom in a way that would have not resonated had we just done what we were told.  Responsibility made our experience remarkable and memorable.  What has it done for you?

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