Billboard Tribes

Do you need a membership card to define your tribe?

Billboards are great place to connect with your customers if you are ready to sell limited-time features and offer a short-term opportunities.  Loyalty programs are designed to build a tribe based on transactions.  If United Airlines were to terminate its MileagePlus program I would start my airline reservation search by lowest fare instead of by airline preference.  Why? I am passionate about my mileage balance and frequent flyer status which bring certain rewards.  It is not because I am not loyal to United, they have trained me to care about transactions, not the tribe.

When we try to develop loyalty through transactions we are building a house of cards.  True loyalty is demonstrated by those who would miss you and your super power if you were not around to share it (to paraphrase Seth Godin).  Convenience loyalty is cultivated by possessing something of temporary value that keeps people in the general vicinity.

Who would miss you if you were to stop performing?  That is your tribe, everyone else is less deeply connected.  They may be ready to join or are just hoping to get something in exchange for their proximity.  Make sure you treasure those who notice your arrival and departure.    

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