Elections encourage us to select a candidate who best represents our belief.  Since the American system was conceived as a two-party system, we align ourselves with the individual who represents as many of our core values as possible while recognizing they may opposes some beliefs about which we feel strongly.  This either/or dichotomy reaches a tipping point on social media, where family, friends, and virtual acquaintances rally around their candidate of choice, often by attacking the opposing candidate   Relationships are tested in this electoral version of the ‘parting of the ways.’  In most communities we demonstrate far more flexibility and tolerance for a friend who is a fan of an opposing sports team than we allow the same acquaintance who advocates for an opposing candidate for office.  Those nearest the megaphone often find their online virtual advocacy postings hidden or muted until the election season has come to its conclusion.

The summation, our beliefs are like a magnetic pole and when an outside force tries to manipulate our internal compass we become disoriented and uncoupled from our bearings.  It is human nature to surround ourselves with those who believe what we believe.  We do it all the time and throughout history.  Elections represents a cyclical visit to the belief armory where we renforce ourselves with our coat-of-arms and prepare to advance that which we believe.

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