This Is Not Right

I was running this weekend in Anaheim, CA.  Ten minutes from the manicured pathways of Disneyland Park I jogged into an underpass below Interstate 5.  Halfway in the concrete tunnel I literally jumped over two people sleeping on the walkway.  They had placed their shopping carts in such a ways as to create a small barrier but the traffic noise was deafening, a minor inconvenience I imagined to avoid the overnight rains.  When I came back a half-hour later one individual was sitting-up staring towards the sun that had started to break out of the thin cloud layer.  I thought, ‘this is not right.’  In the shadow of one of the iconic family vacation experiences sit individuals pushed to survive each day with no thought of vacation or luxury.

What questions should we be asking about priorities? What actions would have the most impact when it comes to extinguishing homelessness?

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