The Present

This is my favorite clock.  The hand transverses a color spectrum background correlated to the seasons.  It takes one year for the annual hand to complete its journey.  The daily movements are so fine as to be imperceptible   Over the course of a week one can observe the subtle passage of time.

My enthusiasm for the Present is not only the remarkable way in which it represents time but also in the manner it calibrates my perception of time.  Far more meaningful are the actions and experiences that take place within the annual transition of seasons than the list of appointments that fill my days on an electronic calendar.  It are those remarkable moments that map back the annual clock.

I use the Present as a metaphor for planning.  Which journeys are worth taking during the next five rotations of the Present that will be meaningful?  Strategy demands a more distant horizon than the actions and objectives that fill the hours of our day.  A new representation of time can be liberating to our thinking.

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