Builder vs Evaluator

Builders take far more pride and assign a greater value to that which they create than an individual assigned to just evaluate.  Evaluators place a lower value and feel less connected to the product they are reviewing.  It is their job to see the flaws as negatives instead of reminders of a journey worth travelling.  If you are looking to engage individuals with your purpose, you must consider ways to include them as builders otherwise they will value your work at its lowest common denominator.  They will look for like things and assume they are of the same value.  We hold onto and treasure those things that give us the greatest difficulty to achieve, even when the finished result is not a refined and polished as the professionally manufactured version.  It is the meaning we place on the adventure to reach the destination that makes all the difference.  If you teleport yourself to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Norther Territory of Australia the sense of awe would be far less remarkable than the current journey which requires extended travel, endurance, and commitment.

We stand in awe of that which we reached with much effort.  We tend to dismiss and diminish that which came to us too easily.

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