A guarantee represents either a wholehearted belief in one’s craftsmanship or an insurance policy to protect average.  It is reasonable to distinguish between the two.  davek sells umbrellas that are far more expensive than the models one finds being offered for $10 at the subway station during a rainy commute.  The guarantee with davek is that their guiding principles manifest themselves into the actual design and functionality of each umbrella.  Contrast this with the guarantee from a company occupying the middle of a sector.  The guarantee suggests that if you are not satisfied with your stay at the hotel you can speak with the manager about some type of apology, compensation, or more points.  They are not guaranteeing a stay on par with the Four Seasons but suggests they are better than the motel on the interstate off-ramp that is void of exterior lighting and boasts a pool fit for a family of ducks.  This guarantee protects average.  If you experience middle of the road then the guarantee is fulfilled.  The craftsmanship guarantee is far superior but also requires a remarkable service or product.


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