Do we need to be seen by everyone in order to have maximum impact?  If so, perhaps we should rent a billboard over an interstate and stand on the platform with an over-sized foam hand waving to all the passing vehicles.  Add a couple webcams, a live stream, and some pinwheels and we are sure to be noticed.  But would anyone care?  If we do not need everyone then locate ourselves where those who are seeking our expertise are bound to journey.  Legends often place the guru at the top of a mountain or in a cave.  The arduous journey to reach the sage is part of the experience.  It required separating oneself from the crowd in order to seek answers.  It is challenging to take the back road and be the artist who is creating magnificent works of art in a barn.  The journey to reach our remote location adds to the value of the art.  However, if we are on the side of an interstate the interaction is much more likely to be transactional and there are other options at the next exit.  Are we seeking everyone or just a few?  Our location should resonate with our services.

Here are a few examples of remarkable enterprises/events in remote places:

Kates Berry Farm- Tasmania
Il Monterosso Hotel & Restaurant- Italy
Mdina Glass- Malta
Xterra World Trail Running Championships- Hawaii
The Historical Bicycle Museum- Italy

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