Remarkable Day Two Moments at Pioneer Nation


Rena Tom

  • New American dream- start you own business, be your own boss, wear many hats.
  • Do you have ‘gumption’- possessing common sense and initiative.
  • Have a clear goal- numbers are typically not your goal.
  • Get in sync with your customers- are you able to communicate with them effectively?
  • Just because you can does not mean you should.
  • Think big and talk small- you are interacting with other humans.  Sometimes elevating the mundane is all that is required.
  • Edge Effect- areas of overlap provide the greatest concentration of diversity.  Where is your overlap?

Brian Clark

  • Consider a blank slate approach when approaching an opportunity- nothing to unlearn.
  • Content Marketing provides an opportunity to make an offer.
  • The person who generates business gets to write the rules.
  • Money is fuel for your journey to manifest your vision.
  • The only way to scale is with people and a vision.
  • Current business partners can come from the audience you have cultivated.
  • It is essential to continue talking to people throughout the evolution of the your journey.

Andy Hayes

  • Craft your ideal customer profile including specifics such as demographic information and classified advertisement level detail.
  • What is the story your customers can tell each other about your enterprise?
  • Seek points of intersection with ideas that matter.
  • Where did your customer start?  What are their way points?  What is their destination?
  • What is your killer headline?  What is the problem you are addressing and the solution to the problem?
  • Are you providing education or entertainment.  They are valued differently.
  • Hustle- you must leave the building and share your story to generate connections.

Kari Chapan

  • We have to do everything for the first time at some point, so act.
  • What is the biggest risk you need to take?
  • Not trusting=not believing vs Avoidance=knowing what to do but not committing to the action.
  • We still buy cookbooks even though they contain recipes to dishes we know how to make.  Duplication is not failure or a reason to avoid taking action.
  • What is your finish line?  Do you have clarity about where you are trying to go?
  • Do not fear success.  We are often the greatest force holding ourselves back.
  • What stories do we tell ourselves which creates our own headwinds?
  • Define success and then quit things that hold you back.

Willo O’Brien

  • Manage creative sustainability for yourself and your team.
  • Where do I need support?  Critical question to ask.
  • What is your source of compassionate anger (ideas you love so much they make you angry)?
  • Optimize your process- for a comprehensive list of specific software and application resources
  • Clear the decks by asking for support.
  • Lean into learning edges.  Where can you reset expectations? Where can you let go?  Where are you compassionate?


* I missed Brian Clark’s closing keynote to make my flight (flight delay= could have stayed an listened)

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