Begging for Change


I was playing Air Hockey on an iPad with my son this morning.  Everytime I scored, my son pushed a button to skip the slow motion replay of my goal.  When he put the puck in the net, he watched the highlight with much interest and enthusasim.  

I made me wonder how often the organizations I support push out their highlights and ignore those of their partners and other members of the sector.  

One of my favorite models for promoting other organizations’ great works came from Scenic Hudson.  They designed a gala fundraisier that was entirely focused on presenting the accomplishments of their strategic partners.  Using a larger platform, Scenic Hudson helped build awareness and visibility for smaller but equally important enterprises.

Robert Egger in Begging for Change, makes a compelling case for not seeking all the attention and money from your community.  Rather establish a balanced approach that occasionally brightens the house lights so everyone knows who else is seated in the audience.

Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient, and Rewarding for All