Born to Run

Running to Change

 How do you change the idea of running?  I was amazed to read in the book, Born to Run that even though all of us inherited a well-proven technique and refined gait for moving, a small group of people began to change the very idea of what I means to run in the interest of commercializing a form of transportation into a recreational sport.  We are now seeing the return to a more historic approach.  Minimalist is the new ‘old’ thing.  Low profile running shoes or even those that look like gloves for the feet have become the hot trend but in reality it is a return to what worked for our ancestors.  After a couple decades of thick cushions, an explosion of demand for physical therapy, and a marathon craze the wisdom is shifting.  I always think of my father’s theory of fashion.  In his suit closet, he kept a rack of ties that were noticeably wider than the current style that had moved towards a narrower model.  His theory was that in 15-years his style would return and it did.
Are you changing to monopolize a market or because it fits your purpose?  How does your enterprise address trends?  Do you shift your approach just because everyone else is moving in a new direction?  How do you decide when to ignore, monitor, adjust, or abandon strategy?
Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen (Vintage)