The Mean One Who We Love

When we push the boundaries far to the edges of the creative spectrum we are remarkable, even years later.  Dr. Seuss would have been 109 today.  His work continues to be a high watermark for young readers and adults who thrive on the simple philosophical prose of a his fantasy world.  Had Dr. Seus trended towards normal, his impact would have been minimized.  Instead we recognize his iconic characters and celebrate his artistry which is passed among generations.   

A Seven Line Focus Group

Spring break season so here is a quick way to perform a focus group with only a pencil, piece of paper and a couple minutes.

Direction: Using only seven lines, draw a representation of your nonprofit organization.  

What stands out?  What did you include?  What was left out?  Are there people, buildings, programs or symbols?  If your board and staff completed this exercise, what would they draw?  What would your customers, donors and volunteers design?