Disappointed vs Dissatisfied

Dissatisfied or Disappointed?

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I would much rather be disappointed than dissatisfied.  If I am dissatisfied then an experience did not meet my expectations and I walk away.  If prompted I might share my poor experience with others or let the world know via social media.  At best I announce I am aggravated.  If I am disappointed the equation changes.  I held a shared belief with someone involved in the experience and feel that it did not reach its potential.  I am offered two powerful options.  To roll-up my sleeves and make the experience a whole lot better or I can acknowledge that we no longer share the same belief.  

As an athlete in endurance sports there are results that leave me disappointed in my performance.  I do no saw my cross-country skis in half or toss the running shoes into the nearest dumpster.  Rather I am back out the next day more committed to my purpose and focused on reaching for a higher level of achievement.  If a nonprofit organization that I care about disappoints me I often contact them and offer a synopsis of my experience but more importantly I provide my best ideas in hopes the dialogue improves their cause.  When a hotel, restaurant, or airline creates an experiences that is not satisfactory I tend to just ignore and move on, perhaps agreeing not do business with the entity again.

The key is to have a relationship with customers and supporters such that they will let you know if they are disappointed and will bring their best ideas for your improvement.  If you dissatisfy lots of people and they walk away without comment you have no tribe at all.  

Do you hear from the disappointed or is there a silence exodus of the dissatisfied?